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In the face of changing market realities and re-ordered business operability, there is a growing need for a workforce ready to pivot and adapt to large and small-scale changes in their immediate working environment.

People today need the right set of skills to work in the newfound digital-first environment. So how does Denave ensure that we continually train, upskill, and reskill our workforce in the most efficient manner possible so that they not only meet their day-to-day expectations but also co-create value with the business in the long run? How do we identify and harness the transferable skills and leadership competencies so that Denavites grow and thrive in today's fast-changing business landscape? We have built a robust learning and development wing that addresses these questions to

Other than traditional soft skills training, Denave has an innovative learning approach called the "Journey Programs" which replaces the traditional "one size fits all" curriculum-based learning with a program that is tailormade for each individual to address their career advancement needs.

Denave is a strong advocate of the idea that learning should be a continuous, flexible, and personalized journey, empowering individuals to acquire knowledge and skills at their own speed in an environment that amplifies their potential. This environment should ideally comprise like-minded cohorts who share the same passion for a particular subject.

Let's look at Denave's comprehensive Learning and Development programs that drive upskilling, engagement, and the retention of top talent.

  • 1

    STEP-UP: Accelerate Your Career

    Denave's Fast-Track Career Advancement Program is a flagship initiative designed to identify and upskill high-potential talents. This program focuses on four key pillars of managerial effectiveness: personal leadership, people leadership, client management, and program management. Divided into two phases, it starts with intensive in-person training, followed by individual development plans, mentorship, on-the-job training, and self-learning. The result? A readily available pool of skilled talent for business growth.

    Impact & Coverage:
    • Over 65 participants in India and Malaysia.
    • Approximately 60% of participants transitioned to the next role.
    • Around 30% are in the active talent pipeline.
    • A 60% reduction in new hiring time and time to productivity.

  • 2

    First Time Manager at Denave

    This program is designed to cater to the development needs of first-time managers, helping them integrate into Denave's ecosystem and achieve optimal productivity quickly.

    Impact & Coverage:
    • 60+ participants in India.
    • 31% improvement in overall managerial effectiveness.
    • 26% enhancement in Program Management elements.

  • 3

    SHINE - Women Leadership Program

    A Blended Program for Women Leadership is an opportunity to come together, develop competence and share experiences in a learning environment that has direct professional relevance and personal impact. The objective of the program is to increase diversity and improve retention and advancement of talented women leaders, offer opportunities to network and provide a platform to build an internal support system, peer learning, and talent readiness for business growth.

    Impact & Coverage:
    • Coverage to 50+ women employees across executive & managerial grades
    • Positive efficacy & change in approach observed through 180- degree assessment.
    • Personalised journeys created for participants post program for further development.

  • 4

    MDP & Executive Program

    This program from the Indian Institute of Management offers a cohesive mix of classroom teaching, hands-on exercises, in-class discussions, readings, and presentations. The LDP - PG Certification in Executive General Management Program is offered to some of the selected promising young leaders at Denave.

    This initiative serves as a positive reinforcement in our endeavour to bring one of our core organizational values to life - HAPPY PEOPLE – offering people development and growth opportunities with a long-term career and entitling them to earn the coveted IIM alumni status. It helps benchmark the best practices in hiring - good talents feel attracted to our operational culture and want to work for us, delivering their best - enabling us to move into the league of 'Best-in-Class Employers.' The program enables our leaders to learn and improve key business and leadership skills. It also addresses leadership requirements at various levels of leaders' growth journey.

  • 5

    Happy House - Simulation-based and activity-led fun engagement session

    Going by the age-old adage of “Teamwork makes the dream work,” and in a bid to make learning fun, the Happy House initiative intends to build team cohesiveness through activity-based learning. The objective is to get the teams to contribute towards the organizational goals while displaying compassion and valuing teamwork, increase camaraderie and collaboration with cross-functional teams at work, and make Denave the most loved place to work by not losing sight of the fun element. The action-packed 30-minute capsulated learning focus on 5 key drivers, i.e., collaboration, Change, Contribution, Compassion and communication.

    Impact & Coverage
    • 400+ employees covered every quarter for each key driver.

  • 6

    Mentorship Program at Denave

    An initiative to offer a platform to our employees to get exposure from experienced leaders and managers on real-time projects, problem-solving, broader perspectives and enhanced skill sets. The objective of the mentorship program is to establish a trusting relationship with accountability and responsibility from the mentor and mentee. The focus of the mentorship program is to ensure the holistic development of mentees in the personal and professional arena for a positive impact on ‘the self’ and ‘the organization.’ At Denave, we also foster 2-way learning through reverse mentoring.

  • 7

    B.E.S.T - Basic & Essential Skills Training

    This is a 2-month long Certification Program for managed and executive-level professionals organized quarterly to sharpen the essential skills required at the workplace in order to enhance the quality of work and performance. The success measurement of this program lies in the skill efficacy, assessment and evaluation card, engagement, certification, qualitative feedback from managers, and productivity/ performance indices.

  • 8

    Learning on the GO with Udemy

    We provide licenses to one of the most used online learning platforms, UDEMY, to expand the learning opportunities and avenues for learners at Denave. New-age learners benefit from accessible, self-paced learning tool to hone their behavioral and and technical competence. Personalized learning paths are designed on the platform as per the recognized development area.

    Impact & Coverage
    • 100 learners are covered under this initiative with a adoption of over 87%.

  • 9

    Competency-Based Workshops

    This program encapsulates calendarized workshops, planned and delivered monthly, to hone existing competencies and build new skill sets to enable employees to perform better in their current roles and also improve productivity. All the training is aligned with Denave`s career framework to meet the business objectives and outcomes.

    Impact & Coverage
    • 200+ employees (Including FOS) are covered under various workshops with an average training feedback score of 94%.

  • 10

    Mandatory & Compliance Trainings

    At Denave, we believe we need to go by the book regarding corporate policies. At our employee self-service portal, it’s a mandate for all the employees to go through the policies, and we ensure we do refresher training at regular intervals so that policies are engraved in our Denavites.


With these programs, Denave is not only investing in the growth and development of its employees but also securing a competitive edge in the market. These initiatives highlight the company's commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning, engagement, and personal development, ultimately leading to business success. Denave's approach serves as a model for organizations that value their employees as their most valuable asset.

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