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B2B marketing space is filled with free-to-access content- blogs, videos, infographics, and more!

Today, demand generation leaders are focused more on problem-solving rather than active selling. Webinars and virtual event series have also become a part of this free marketing campaign, particularly in the IT and SaaS industry, where the competition is skyrocketing and buyer intent oscillating between multiple vendors. Just like any other virtual event, a B2B webinar for an IT company requires more than just shooting email invites to get the target audience to register for the event. It enlists a long list of things that can turn the webinars into a success. If you are an IT decision-maker or a business looking to attract IT leads, then this blog is for you.

How to promote B2B webinars for IT companies?

Let's look at some of the best tips to promote webinars and virtual events designed for IT companies.

  • 1

    Choose an engaging topic

    While promoting a webinar, it is important that the title resonates with what the webinar is about and is also engaging enough to attract the interest of your targeted audience. As food lovers like to search for new recipes and eateries, so is an IT decision-maker browsing the web for new breakthroughs in the technology space. The intent and preference of the audience must be prioritized in the webinar title to attract prospects to register and attend your webinar.

  • 2

    Set a registration goal

    Before you start promoting your webinar, set a realistic goal for the total number of registrations you are looking to drive. Track the performance against the target to see whether your promotional efforts are on the right track.

  • 3

    Set an attendee goal

    The basic ratio of conversion from registration to attendee usually is around 25%. Therefore, it is best to set an attendee goal that is 25% of the total registrations. Setting an attendee goal will make sure that your marketing efforts are directed in the right direction. Whether it is an email marketing campaign, a social media campaign, or a tele-based audience generation campaign, the efforts can be optimized based on how many audiences you want at your webinar.

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    Leverage paid media channels

    Executing a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign on Google using keywords that match your webinar's content can complement your organic endeavours, resulting in increased webinar attendees. Larry Chase, in Search Engine For Marketers, provides the following suggestions:

    1. Craft Tailored Ads for Each Keyword: Create distinct ads that directly relate to individual keywords.
    2. Customize Ad Copy for Different Buyer Requirements: Tailor your ad content to cater to various buyer needs.
    3. Match Ad Copy Tone to the Industry Category: Ensure that your ad copy aligns with the appropriate "feel" of the industry category.
    4. Consider the Buying Cycle: Factor in the stages of the buying cycle when designing your PPC strategy.
    5. Analyze the Outcomes of Paid Search: Thoroughly assess the results of your paid search initiatives for further optimization.

  • 5

    Brand collaboration

    Boost the attendance of your webinar by collaborating with another reputable brand. This powerful alliance will not only attract more attendees but also provide your audience with diverse perspectives from two well-aligned and unified brands.

  • 6

    Deploy tele-based outreach

    In addition to the digital communication channels, IT brands must also leverage tele-led customer outreach to connect with the target audience and drive audience generation. Telesales services allow brands to better position their webinars and resolve customer queries in real time.

  • 7

    Content syndication with speakers

    Leverage the expertise of your guest speaker to increase website traffic. Encourage them to craft a compelling blog post centred around the webinar topic, including an overview of the key points to be discussed during the event. Remember to incorporate a powerful call to action in the guest post to increase engagement and participation.


As webinars become part and parcel of the B2B marketing space, it is crucial for IT businesses to tap into the hidden benefits of webinars and virtual event marketing, which is to generate marketing-qualified leads. Moving beyond the vanity success metrics, IT companies must promote their webinars to generate adequate lead quantum.

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