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This month, Denave is celebrating its 25th birthday. This milestone fills us with great pride, made possible by the people who believe in us, deploy our services, and challenge us to innovate.

It is a collective feat achieved by the thousands of Denavites in the past and present who used their talents to build those extensive service lines and our stakeholders who reposed their faith in Denave's mission as much as we do.

It's the time to reflect back on our journey and be grateful!

The Origin Story

25 years ago, R. Narayan, Deb, and Snehashish stepped out of their cubicles to reinvent the sales ecosystem of the world's leading enterprises and break the status quo in the way companies used to market and sell. They had an ambitious vision for a new age, tech-enabled sales engine to help organizations make sense of the market shifts, buyer evolution, and technology transformation happening around them. The inspiring journey began under the name of "Channel Strategies."

In this transformative journey of 25 years, Denave has grown leaps and bounds with every new accomplishment and milestone. From a team of 3 to more than 4000 and from a channel sales set up to a global sales enablement hub, Denave has made inroads into the world's leading businesses, influencing every aspect of their product and customer lifecycle.

From being incorporated on 12th January 1999 to a dynamic global organization with a market-leading portfolio of B2B sales enablement services and solutions, Denave's journey is a story of hard work, exceptional talent, and a business vision emblematic of progress and innovation. It is a story to be treasured as we breach the 25-year milestone, which is an opportunity to celebrate our successes and reflect on our learnings to define success charters for the next 25 years.

Meel Ke Pat’thar

One of the earliest milestones for Denave came with the successful acquisition of a set of industry-leading IT accounts, eventually fueling the company's growth charters and stabilizing operations. With consistent value creation and pioneering best sales practices for clients in India, Denave ventured on to the global scale and established a base in Singapore, diversifying clientele across ONG and Telecom sectors. The company that started as a channel sales strategist has, in the last two and a half decades, expanded its illustrious service lines to include Telesales, Digital Marketing, Intelligent Data Services, Webinar Marketing, Retail Activation, Sales Training, and Field Sales services, making it the one-stop shop for an organization's end-to-end sales enablement requirements.

In 2014, the company expanded its global charters and kickstarted operations in the UK. As the company started expanding its footprints across multiple geographies worldwide, it was felt that the existing logo was not vibrant enough to attract the attention of clients outside India. It also lacked clear messaging that was associated directly with what Denave did. Subsequently, a unique, vibrant Red logo with the tagline "Sales. Enabled" was invented.

Major milestones that shaped and steered Denave ahead in its conquest after 2014 were the establishment of two delivery centers in Malaysia and operations in South Korea. Navigating roadblocks and initiating orientation transformation in the years ahead, Denave decentralized its service lines and adopted a hybrid workplace model to become a more customer-centric organization with a renewed focus on maintaining an ideal work-life balance for our people.

The highlight, however, in the journey has been the strategic investment partnership with Updater Services Pvt. Ltd. (UDS). It is a strategic coalition of ideals, goals, and intent that will shepherd the growth charters for both Denave and the UDS group.

A ‘Great Place to Work’ Organization

Denave has surpassed multiple milestones, but its biggest achievements have been cultivating a people-centric ecosystem that recognizes, respects, and rewards its talents. Through multiple strategic initiatives and a transparent HRD process, we have ensured an enhanced focus on our people and deployed a thoughtful approach to enhance workforce capabilities to be successful in our pursuit of global success and excellence. Our people-first commitments have been validated in the recognition that we are two time recipient of the prestigious "Great Place to Work" organization and have also been named 'India's Top 100 Best Workplaces for Women 2023' in the mid-sized business category. As a global sales enablement organization, Denave's services, solutions, and processes have been rewarded across multiple national and international forums.

Passion Fueled by Learning

Furthermore, through our learning and development initiatives coupled with global exposure, we continue to bring more opportunities for career acceleration and development through upskilling and journey programs.

Denave has built thriving sales ecosystems and customer-facing teams that have evolved as big wheels for market-leading enterprises across the world. As we piece together the building blocks that have helped shape this journey, an empowering culture and inspiring leadership are what stand out. These force multipliers have enabled an ecosystem of transparency, equitability, and collective growth, carrying the organization through turbulent times.

As we reflect on our journey so far, it is the consistent innovation, customer-centricity, and sharp execution that epitomize our growth as the leading sales catalyst on the global map. Today, Denave has evolved as a versatile global establishment with its impact and expertise spanning across business dimensions Sales enablement is still our core mission and our biggest moonshot with many more milestones to come.

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