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Albeit businesses continue to substitute physical events with webinars, there is a gap between strategy and execution.

Enterprises often struggle to find the right balance between prospecting and selling. Right from audience generation to nurturing leads and closing deals, they are restrained by their inability to innovate and think on their feet. Therefore, considering the importance of the practice,

we have put together this expert guide to help you score more qualified appointments with your prospects.

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    Prospecting is about consistency

    B2B sales prospecting is not about slogging hours behind your prospects but playing it smart and being consistent with your strategies. It is important to map the number of B2B sales leads you want to prospect and then break down your goals into small achievable targets. The other important thing is to create a daily prospecting ritual where you set a schedule to prospect aggressively and execute follow-ups to book more meetings.

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    Stop, research, reset

    Don’t initiate your conversations with generic statements and see them go downhill from there. A good sales prospecting technique should capture the interest of the prospects from the onset with a personalized conversation. For this, you can visit the LinkedIn profile of the prospect or the website of the company they work for. This way, you will not only have a genuine conversation opener but also make prospects feel valued in the dialogue. A thoroughly researched insight-driven prospecting will land more qualified meetings.

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    Help, don’t sell 

    We all know that personalization is key to a successful pitch, but its utility is not limited to the messaging itself. Personalization also comes in handy while choosing the channel to prospect. Regardless of whether you use outbound telemarketing services, email, or social media, your outreach must be tailored to align with your prospect’s business needs, preferences, and goals.

    Make sure to reference a specific pain point that the prospect is encountering in their business. Don’t be a sales robot, and humanize your conversations to establish a long-term connection. Another important thing is to offer value without asking for anything in return.

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    Don’t break up a non-existent relationship

    Most sales representatives have this habit of breaking ties with a prospect or marking them as invalid when they don’t respond to a few of their emails or phone calls. Instead, you might tweak your messaging and ask for suggestions on what went wrong in the previous communication and what you could have done differently to grab their attention.

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    After landing a meeting, dig up detail on your prospect’s competitors

    Whenever you land a meeting with an account, search for their competitors and start prospecting them and nurturing them. There is a higher likelihood of them facing similar challenges and might be looking for similar solutions to achieve similar goals.

    Leverage a robust B2B data provider to attain deep visibility into the competing accounts, their buying committees, and key stakeholders. Having complete data points with updated information will make prospecting easier, faster, and more relevant for the target audience.

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    Sift through lost opportunities

     The B2B buyer landscape is changing quickly- right from getting new funding to a change in decision-making personnel. It is, therefore, highly critical to stay on top of such changes and track every movement that is happening within your target accounts. Even if this means going back to your lost prospects, then so be it.

    There might be a change in the company’s priorities, or they might be looking for a new solution provider. Revisiting those lost cases might as well get you the meeting that you had hoped for in the first place. Tracking these changes is not easy, but with the help of data enrichment and whitespace discovery, sales representatives can stay at the top of their game.



B2B sales are not easy, but with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can navigate the primary roadblocks and break open a conversation that might someday convert into a deal. As more and more social savvy professionals climb up the decision-making ladder, social selling will become another arrow in the sales rep’s quiver.

Additionally, Denave’s B2B database services help B2B sales reps prospect smarter with in-depth insights on their target accounts- from direct dials to emails and firmographics to technographic all in one place.

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