Have you ever wondered how companies break through revenue barriers and master the art of conversions, turning challenges into successes?

Today, we will share one such success story where the blend of innovation and proven methodologies helped a leading American IT company grow remarkably for its OEM products in Asia-Pacific market.
The company faced challenges in driving revenue growth. The lack of accurate account visibility and an unorganized partner network hindered lead-to-conversion ratio. That's when they turned to Denave, a trusted BPO solutions provider for telesales services in APAC region. The partnership proved transformative, resulting in a remarkable 5X increase in conversion rates and overall revenue for the American MNC
Let's delve into how Denave tackled the multiple challenges faced by the company and turned their pain points into a success story.

  • • Multilingual Outbound Contact Center Solutions: Denave strategically employed multilingual outbound contact center solutions to meet the new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of partner development representatives and sales development representatives. Various strategies, including account profiling, loyalty programs, pipeline tracking, and Blitz activities, were implemented to enhance partner transactions. Simultaneously, customer satisfaction KPIs, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), were met through proactive measures and prompt response to negative feedback.

  • • Adaptation to Hybrid Working Models: With changing circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and rapid technological advancements, Denave recognized the need to adapt its training methods to cater to evolving requirements. Denave took proactive measures to equip its agents with the necessary skills. Denave ensured its agents were trained to adapt to hybrid working models. The shift to hybrid working models, flexible and self-paced learning, and the emphasis on soft skills development were seamlessly incorporated into training programs. Virtual, e-learning, on-site, and hybrid training ensured efficient learning processes. The HR team played a crucial role in ramping up contact center agents through well-defined communication channels and routine training, prioritizing employee well-being.

  • • Initiatives for Team Empowerment: Recognizing the critical need to empower its contact center team with essential knowledge, Denave undertook various initiatives, including regular training needs assessments, customized training programs, mentoring sessions, and on-demand recorded training collaterals. These initiatives ensured that the team was well-prepared to handle diverse challenges efficiently.

  • • Technology-Driven Interventions: Confronted with operational inefficiencies, Denave strategically employed technology-driven interventions to address company’s key challenges. Denave's in-house Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system optimized processes, leading to improved database and call productivity management. Utilizing the PowerBI reporting system allowed for enhanced monitoring of team performance, call productivity, and time-based analytics. The implementation of PowerBI empowered managers to closely monitor productivity at various levels.

  • • Optimizing Data for Informed Decision-Making: Denave recognized a pressing issue concerning incomplete and inconsistent data, which posed a significant challenge to informed decision-making. Denave addressed this challenge by revamping data collection processes and implementing data management systems. The integration of various data sources and collaboration with the Business Intelligence (BI) team resulted in a comprehensive data repository. Analytics on historical data facilitated accurate predictions and informed decision-making.

The Denave Impact

The impact of Denave's BPO outsourcing services was nothing short of remarkable. Denave's efforts delivered a substantial pipeline of $77.4 million, coupled with a remarkable 5X increase in conversion rates across Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam. The exceptional performance, customer-centric approach , and exemplary sales achievements set Denave apart as a trusted revenue acceleration partner.

What Sets Denave Apart:


  • 1

    Extensive Agent Training

    Rigorous training equips Denave's agents to provide accurate and comprehensive information, fostering trust and confidence in the product.

  • 2

    Advanced Analytics

    Utilizing advanced analytics, Denave precisely identifies and targets potential leads, maximizing conversion rates and revenue generation.

  • 3

    Personalized Approach

    Denave's consultative sales approach, featuring active listening and tailored recommendations, markedly enhances customer satisfaction, fostering repeat purchases.


Denave, as a trusted BPO solutions provider, stands as a testament to their commitment to revolutionize revenue growth. Denave's BPO services distinguish themselves by blending effective training initiatives, technology-centric interventions, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The success stories of increased conversion rates and revenue generation underscore Denave's expertise in transforming challenges into opportunities. As a reliable partner, Denave continues to empower IT companies to navigate complexities in the Asia-Pacific markets and achieve sustained growth.

Join hands with Denave and embark on a path to unprecedented revenue growth today!


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