Top Database Tricks for Enabling Demand Generation Roadmap

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24th Mar, 2021

This blog explains tricks to enabling unparallel richness of data for achieving breakthrough demand generation services


    • Demand generation is a lot more than software integration and marketing automation

    • Teams need to resolve several issues for setting up a robust demand gen engine

    • Enterprises are turning to intelligent database management service providers to derive the information of target audience, assisting them in buying decisions, and moving them along the sales cycles

    • Here are some related techniques to amplify digital demand generation services.

    The path to generating demand is riddled with challenges, specifically for businesses operating in crowded markets. Plenty of things can go wrong starting from failed & error prone data to lack of accurate intent data in the database.

    In some cases, database teams are inundated by too much data, in other cases there are too many tools and not enough resources.

    Enterprises that want their modern demand gen strategy to scale should chase down & eliminate issues stemming from the database side. How? Well, here is a guide that can walk businesses through ways to resolve database issues and set up a robust demand gen engine.

    #1 Gather Intent data

    The entire concept of demand generation revolves around three prime objectives:

    1. Creating awareness for products and services

    2. Identifying and capturing the existing demand, and then converting into revenue

    3. Aligning sales and marketing teams for orchestrated efforts

    To achieve these objectives, B2B enterprises must extract market insights from database to develop dynamic account lists for creating brand awareness. In such cases, quality intent data can define a set of behavioural signs of the prospects. As per some recent surveys, in almost 70% of cases, customers prefer businesses that communicate with them first. Intent data can help organizations to identify early opportunities, and make their advertising campaigns more granular by capitalizing on qualified leads.

    Marketing is massively reliant on conveying messages, and NLP can help businesses to do so. Currently, NLP has gone far beyond being a mere input method. NLP is being used in several marketing strategies and it has a strong use case:

    • In voice search for reaching out to a broader audience.
    • In relevant news aggregation for early identification of trends.

    Explore more actionable tactics for leveraging intent data. Read this Blog “How to Realize the Full Potential of Intent Data.”

    #2 Optimize data, take out the trash

    In modern-day database management, dirty data is known as a scourge. Dirty data comprises inaccurate, incomplete, or redundant customer information. Irrelevant data should be cleansed and only high-quality, complete, current, and relevant data should be retained. Enterprises must know that intent data works best when it is integrated with other techniques such as automated bots for in-depth profiling, database scrubbing, etc. Businesses must leverage whitespace data discovery to fill the gaps in their data infrastructure and help marketers gain insights and perspective.

    Don’t miss out on this insight on Whitespace discovery to eliminate errors in database for error-free and relevant leads in the funnel: Whitespace discovery: Improving lead generation exponentially

    #3 Metrics for measurable success 

    Every well-rounded demand generation strategy requires metrics to paint a complete picture while spotting room for improvement. Organizations can use engagement, performance, and ROI metrics to find out where their marketing campaign stands. Identifiable metrics prove to be an excellent option for evaluating the effectiveness of a sales funnel as a whole. These metrics underline the money stats generate by a marketing campaign and depict how leads and prospects are responding to the campaign and content.

    Quick read: How to Realize the Full Potential of Intent Data

    A real breakthrough is about improving insights, not systems:

    Demand generation is a lot more than software integration and marketing automation. It also requires intertwining a human element to the marketing efforts. Enterprises are turning to intelligent database management solutions to derive the information sales intelligence of target audience to assist them in buying decisions. Successful marketing organizations harness the full potential of intelligent database management systems for making their demand gen engine productive. They are able to glean million shades of insights from the data and increase the engagement by several folds.

    Contact Denave experts to harness these actionable tactics and drive more leads into the funnel. Visit our demand generation services page for more information.

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