Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics

Looking to create an insight-driven sales pipeline?

The growing trend of big data or analytics is hugely dependent on the richness of the database and the insights driven out of them. Denave’s Sales Analytics function offers competencies and expertise that help in making informed decisions and discovering opportunities that make sales processes more efficient.

An Overview

Informed decision making is the backbone of every successful organization. How an organization derives and deploys actionable insights from its data reservoir makes a world of difference when it comes to net new customer acquisition, customer or even revenue maximization. A methodology-driven Sales Analytics engine has the potential to impact an organization’s processes, products, services and even enhance & enrich existing business models. Denave’s Sales Analytics offerings are not just a stand alone service but are a strategic part of our Sales Enablement portfolio, helping us drive sales processes that generate conversions, enhance revenue generation, enable strategic cost reductions, boost process efficiency and generate overall better output.

Smart Leads Forecasting Platform

  • Data-driven leads forecasting
  • Determine purchase probability with purchase history analysis
  • Evaluate product affinity with last product purchase

Data Insights and Visualisation

  • Sales insights driven by descriptive & diagnostic analytics
  • Visualisation of key data points for proactive insights
  • Custom data dashboards

Marketing Analytics

  • Enrich existing processes by analysing marketing performance
  • Actionable marketing intelligence for optimising ROI
  • Judge customer preferences and trends for targeted sales motion

Pricing Analytics

  • Evaluate historical data for pricing trends
  • Plan product pricing with intelligent market insights
  • Revenue maximisation by identifying pricing leaks

Store/Merchant/Stock Analysis

  • Enable strategic impact with an in-depth store analysis
  • Data & analytics drive partner acquisition
  • Boost sales process efficiencies

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