Reimagining B2B Data For Amplified Sales And Marketing



Reimagining B2B Data for Amplified Sales and Marketing

The marketing outreach campaigns are only as good as the customer contact data that companies leverage. Database errors can cascade costly errors into the entire B2B demand generation campaigns. These errors skew the sales communication in the wrong direction and lead to wasted efforts. Marketers must pay attention to their B2B corporate database and factor in essential changes for getting the maximum yield out of it.

However, B2B database vulnerabilities are compounded by several factors, and they are hard to be managed.

Experts believe that 54% marketers leverage poor data that obscures the profitability of their sales prospecting. Errors in B2B customer data cause spammy direct-dials/mail delivery, poor customer satisfaction, increased churn rate, higher spam counts and un-subscriptions, misinformed decisions, invalid reports, etc.

The good news is that brands can elevate their B2B database by adopting a host of industry-leading database management practices. They should also leverage the solutions of a third-party B2B database company to eliminate bad data challenges before they snowball the customer outreach strategies.

Download this whitepaper to discover:

  • The importance of B2B database in complex and competitive markets
  • Mission-critical data points needed for B2B marketing and sales campaigns
  • Gruelling challenges and impacts of bad B2B data for the business
  • NexGen tactics and processes to fix cracks in the B2B database and position it for maximum benefits

Read this whitepaper and unlock ways to prime B2B data for amplified sales and marketing.

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