5 top plays for improving telesales performance

Today, an overwhelming majority of organizations consider telesales services as a strategic enabler of business growth. At the same time, they lack the capabilities and expertise to make the best use of their telesales processes. Subpar execution of telesales processes impedes the ROI that they want to see. Throwing technology in the face of these problems is not the only way to improve telesales processes.

Organisations that set out a stronger sales pipeline with the best telesales services have enhanced access to customer data to support decision making and improve decision making; streamlined processes, better internal coordination between sales and marketing teams, and a 360-degree view of their processes. Many organisations are yet to adopt these practices in their existing telesales processes. Their operations are struck in a quagmire of complex processes as many enterprises still approach telesales from the yesteryears’ lens. They encounter increasing costs, regulatory obligations, and many other challenges on the sales path. In this guide, Denave telesales experts will discuss:

  • Common challenges that obscure the profitability of telesales processes
  • 5 top plays to amp up telesales performance

Access this ultimate guide to know the restraints that thwart the profitability of telesales processes and discover the best ways to counteract them to find new efficiencies.

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