Being able to get a product in person & seeking guidance from instore sales personnel to make purchase decisions has always given retail shopping a preference over e-commerce. With the ongoing (& necessary) practices of social-distancing and other safety guidelines, customers have become wary of thronging the stores. However, the need for a personalized purchase guidance remains.

Denave’s Virtual Retail Solution is a technology-enabled alternate retail sales model to adapt and evolve with the changing times and customer preferences. So, when ‘walk-ins’ are getting impacted, a skilled Virtual Brand Consultant (VBC) helps you supplement the gap with ‘call-ins’.


Augment walk-ins with call-ins
Operational efficiencies
Maximise retail investment & ROI
Simple, scalable & no-touch model
Faster & wider market coverage
Insights into customer preferences
Pillars of End-to-End Program Management
  • Retail operations and sales management
  • VBC Readiness -transform in-person interaction to virtual
  • Seamless integration with robust tech platforms
  • Digital strategy – enabling inbound traffic for brand
  • Analytics to answers – data driven retail strategy

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