Tag: Highlight of the Month

Tag: Highlight of the Month

In part – 1 of the cloud calling series, we learnt about the industrial landscape and mid-market’s fitment in the same along with the growing...

Highlight of the Month :

05th Oct, 2018

Discover the Salesperson of 2030

Sales is an interesting job. Relying majorly on human skill. Accountable for revenues and customer loyalty. This premise of sales hasn’t changed despite the crazy speed at which...

Highlight of the Month :

14th Sep, 2018

Cloud Migration – How It Changes the Mid-Market Dynamics?

Cloud computing has successfully established its foothold in major industry segments by now.  In fact, as per IDC the public IT...

Highlight of the Month :

14th Aug, 2018

Analysing the Anatomy of Analytics

Analytics – more than a buzzword, it’s an action-command the world is experiencing today. And not just the typical business landscape, you pick up the...

Highlight of the Month :

17th Jul, 2018

Digitally Transforming Sales Enablement

Technology alone cannot transform any business. It entails transformation when woven together in a way that creates meaningful customer engagement and effective sales processes. Well we...
Thanks to the rise of Big Data, businesses now have the power to crunch huge piles of data related to everything under...

Highlight of the Month :

01st May, 2018

Top Artificial Intelligence Trends for Businesses in 2018

Transformation is the name of the game today and whatever is not adhering to this changed industrial as well as societal mandate, is falling prey...

Highlight of the Month :

17th Apr, 2018

Investment to Implementation – Cutting the Long Journey Short

In this fast-evolving business landscape, strategic technology investments not only give your business an edge over the competition but also open new channels of revenue...

Highlight of the Month :

06th Apr, 2018

Future of Retail – 2018 and Beyond!

In a retail setup, you don’t get customers to accomplish a purchase by just ‘advising’ them to purchase. Rather, it takes a great in-store familiarity, remarkable...