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Case Studies

Denave's highly customizable data analytics engine resulted in 100% accuracy in predicting unplanned stock-outs overcoming loss of sales.

Denave's highly customizable data analytics engine resulted in 10X expansion in geo coverage within a year.

Denave's Trade Marketing Tool expertly execute on-field campaigns with real-time web integration to achieve tighter program management.

Denave’s Intelligent Database & Telesales engine generated pipeline value of $5.65M within 3 months

Denave generated 121 leads worth $1.7M within 3 months in a niche target market

Denave’s Revenue Maximisation strategy results in surpassing goals in MEA and APAC region

Denave’s end-to-end program management model generated over $1.6M in revenue within 3 months

Denave’s robust Telesales Engine delivered over 18X in ROI and over $2.1M in revenue

Denave’s DENCRM, a GDPR compliant tool helped achieve more than $150,000 in revenue

Denave enables stronghold in mid-market segment; generates USD 10 million worth of PC leads

With Whitespace Discovery model, Denave generated over a million new opportunities


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