Sales Process Automation

Sales Process Automation

Is your field force technology data driven and ROI oriented?

In most available technology solutions in the industry today, customers often come back and ask about the final impact on the sales process which in most cases, stays a big question mark. Denave’s technological solutions solve that problem by driving end-to-end implementation, increased productivity, standardized data output, market feedback, implementation of real-time corrective measures, quick implementation and faster returns.

An Overview

Implementing an end-to-end field force and sales process automation makes it easy to calculate the overall sales impact. It is the bedrock of B2B consultative sales , addressing regular pain points such as sub-optimal resource utilization, lack of deep market intelligence for sales optimization, inaccessibility of real time data around product promotion and consumer insight, absence of structured mechanism to address field issues, challenges in defining trade marketing strategy, cumbersome compliance management, fraud detection process, project reporting and….more!

At Denave, we are invested in developing intelligent sales automation platforms leveraging latest technology trends to streamline, optimize and perfect your Field Force strategy and reduce the sellers’ journey by bringing in the next level of simplicity to the B2B landscape. Real-time access of end to end secondary sales data, tracking and sharing real time insights & alerts, single view of the complete ecosystem with customized accessibility, accurate competition insight, geolocation compliance and performance metrics adherence of salesforce productivity and data driven holistic project reporting are some of the top-line features of Denave technology tools – customized for the exact needs of your industry.

Explore the complete range of our Field Force Automation tools below for your needs:

DenSales is Denave’s holistic solution for planning and executing the field force program

DenTrack is an end-to-end trade marketing solution offering wide-ranging and in-depth view of all trade marketing activities

DenRex is a comprehensive retail visibility solution offering deep market intelligence

DenCRM is Denave’s proprietary Smart CRM tool offering customizable solutions

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