BTL & Events

BTL & Events

Want to create an immersive consumer experience?

When so many brands are vying for customer’s attention, the turf becomes a tough trial ground and only the best ones survive. We are living in an era of building immersive consumer experiences, and it’s about getting the eyeballs at the right place and right time. Denave’s expertise lies in conceptualizing and creating superior and engaging customer experiences by taking experiential brand activations to a whole new level.

An Overview

Memorable consumer experiences are instrumental in retaining your brand in the minds of customers. Expansive and immersive brand activations have the potential to generate leads and ultimately, conversions, even before your product hits the market.

Denave’s BTL & Event services invoke your brand’s message and make it resonate within the minds of potential and existing customers. Targeted BTL & Event campaigns are planned and executed with the intention of creating an ecosystem wherein potential customers can interact with your brand at a deeper level and see it in action.


  • End-to-end event management
  • Design brand-centric customer experiences
  • Managed customer interactions


  • Brand/product activations
  • Product-centric communication
  • Sales-oriented ecosystem building

Field Marketing

  • Deploy field marketing campaigns
  • Brand-specific customer outreach programs

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