Setting up an Enterprise Demand Generation Framework for 2021 and Beyond


The shockwaves that covid-19 sent were not just limited to B2C market segments but also affected B2B enterprises. Demand generation is a marketing strategy to create awareness and generate demand in the market through a host of integrated and independent tactics. It assembles different marketing and sales processes to reach the target market with relevant messaging and drive sales. Digital demand generation allows marketers to navigate the minefield of diverse customer personas, volatile market trends, and changing technology.

Problem statement

  • Enterprises don’t have a framework to align marketing and sales operations for maximum efficacy
  • Marketers don’t know where to start with digital demand generation and how to execute it
  • Marketers are finding it hard to develop an end-to-end demand generation strategy in the face of a volatile market order

This whitepaper examines the role of demand generation in the present B2B ecosystem. It helps marketers understand whether or not they need a demand gen strategy for their products or services.

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Key takeaways:

Included in this whitepaper are the key elements and research work that will enable the business leaders to set up and operationalize demand gen programs.

  • What is demand generation, and how it solves the challenge of revenue generation in B2B enterprises
  • Key components of a demand generation cycle
  • Steps to set up a demand generation engine for maximizing the ROI
  • Best practices for successful demand generation campaigns in 2021 and beyond

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