Best-Fit Components to Transform Database into a Lead Machine


The world is settling with the new realities of Covid-19. Several enterprises are transitioning towards database marketing for expanding the demand generation coverage and simplifying the MQL to SQL conversion path. However, enterprises looking to buy b2b database or build contactable database to power their demand gen marketing campaigns should prioritize the nex-gen building blocks , that define future success of database marketing in 2021.

Enterprise, big & small, have made the decision to pivot their sales & marketing cycles to a digital status. They are reallocating their dollars to buy b2b database or building customer database for maximizing the reach of digital demand generation campaigns. However, they are creating a ‘Tsunami of Customer Database waste,’ while building or architecting a B2B database. In other cases, they end up buying or building deduplicated, redundant or error prone B2B database that nuke demand generation campaigns out of the sky.

Modern-day sales or demand generation campaigns cannot be powered with yesterday’s database or subscription-based database approaches. Gaps in database like Outdated Data Repository, Manual Data — Entry/ Generation, Limited Data Sets, etc. create misinformation minefields that blast marketing campaigns out of existence.

To beat these challenges, enterprises database marketers should rethink their long-held assumptions of database and factor it with components to bake the sales intelligence their business needs. Enterprises finding answers to questions like; how to buy b2b database for digital demand generation campaigns? Or How to build a corporate database? Should identify the future-ready pillars or that provide foundational support to its overall architecture and demand generation campaigns.

Success with database in 2021 requires Natural Language Processing (NLP), MI and AI- led profiling. Smarter enterprises marketers are using these tools to discover whitespaces in their data, find new customers or market segments, and closing deals faster. Streamlined data is enabling them to move away from rigid selling to counselling.

To simplify this, we have highlighted:

  • Common challenges which limit the conventional b2b database models
  • And core elements or building blocks required to cross those challenges and define success with database marketing

Enterprises looking for top b2b database services provider for demand gen marketing? Or planning to build a customer or marketing database should prioritize these critical capabilities in their database marketing blueprint for maximum outreach campaign impact.
Know the right components required to Transform Database into a Lead Machine in 2021.

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