Our Client

Leading technology company

Campaign Objective

Market Expansion

Major focus was to deploy a sustained penetration engine for client’s products across top identified enterprise as well as education vertical. The idea was to provide extensive market coverage and create awareness and boost sales, showcasing the product’s enterprise usability apart from it being used for lifestyle and entertainment purposes.

Customer Acquisition

Grow sales by proposing Enterprise Mobility Solution through one of client’s own products.


Absence of dedicated sales engine to reach maximum number of Enterprise, Education accounts & showcase value proposition of client’s mobility solution.

Partners were focusing on number of box selling instead of solution-based selling approach.

Product perception in the market was linked to it being a lifestyle product. It was difficult to break that mindset and position clients’ products in the high-end enterprise mobility segment.

Difficulty in increasing the overall revenue.

Execution Methodology

Account management

In-depth account management helped in market expansion, leading to high ROI.

Channel management

A sustainable enterprise reach & acquisition engine was created resulting in increased product sales.

Inside sales

Executed a well-crafted and impactful hybrid engine (B2B engine + inside sales engine simultaneously in a single frame of time (both efficiently and impactfully)

Services Offered


Partner Enablement

Email Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing


Webinar Management

Program Reach

Progrm Reach

Impact Generated


Year-on Year revenue growth achieved on an average.


Incremental ROI YoY in the first year, 9X in the second year, 19X in the third year, 31X in the fourth year and 48X in the fifth year.


of total accounts were given repeat business.

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