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Campaign Objective


Compliance Awareness

To ensure licensing compliance for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) segment to minimize risk implications. To increase awareness on licensing policies among customer base and also enable them with cost effective solution.


Lack of Software licensing knowledge and awareness in the SMB whitespace segment

Failure in tapping into ready customer base looking to adopt new/cost effective technologies

Execution Methodology

Highly Integrable

Compliance awareness

Implementing the Den Implementing the Denave Software Asset Management and Compliance expertise we initiated two-pronged engagement approach. We built solution to tap the SMB segment, the existing/dormant Customers and Whitespace Customers.

Highly Integrable

Whitespace customer engagement

Customers were asked to self-assess the current licensing position vs the deployment. Following up on it, the licensing position was analyzed and customers were advised for the best suited & cost-effective solution in sync with their need.

Highly Integrable

Dormant customer engagement

studied the licensing history along with the customers’ current organization status & deployment and identified shortfall/requirements to enable the client to close the accurate gaps.

Program Reach

Progrm Reach

Services Offered


Email Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing


Webinar Management

Impact Generated


million revenue generated with 116% achievement rate.

Over 600

new accounts were added to client’s customer Base in SMB segment. Increase in cloud customer, over 32% of the overall revenue was contributed by the Cloud Product.


of the overall revenue was closed through the CSP channel.


over 18X ROI achieved.

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