B2B Digital Marketing Campaign Checklist For 2021

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19th Apr, 2021

Learn about the latest digital demand generation tactics implemented by webmasters to conform with the latest Google algorithm updates.


1 – The evolving digital marketing landscape gets hotter with an increasing number of brands coming online in the COVID-19 era

2 – Marketers need to work harder to stay ahead with strategic digital demand generation campaigns

3 – This checklist of essential action points will steer the digital marketing campaigns in the right direction and give them the much-needed momentum

The ongoing COVID-19 situation put a serious dent on business fortunes the world over. More and more businesses seem interested in moving their products and services online. As a result, the competition online is heating up considerably. Tactical digital demand generation campaigns will spell the difference between successful online brands and others.

It is essential to understand which digital marketing campaign strategies will deliver business value for 2021 as per current Google algorithm updates? Here is a checklist to invest their time, efforts, and resources into the right way to achieve their marketing goals and convert leads into loyal brand advocates.

1.  Set marketing goals for 2021

Every professional digital marketer knows how crucial this stage is. Without having proper marketing goals, they will fall behind the race. Therefore, they should invest enough resources, time, and efforts to set the marketing goals and start the journey towards achieving those goals.

2.  Determine potential customers most likely to buy

In earlier days, digital markets used to collect a variety of information about their targeted customers, such as demographics, gender, interest, and so on. These days, digital markets are focusing more on creating buyer personas or Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) using the prospect information.

By creating such ICPs, brands are able to get a clear picture of their potential customers, including their interests, their buying behavior, and their preferred way of communication, frustration, motivation, etc.

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3.  How marketing channels drove traffic to business in 2020

The next thing to develop effective marketing strategies is to evaluate the marketing channel which drove the highest traffic towards the business last year. This analysis needs to be compared with the current marketing channels to determine what can be done to improve the value of the current marketing strategies.

Implementing this strategy entails investing enough time to review last year’s analytics. This way, it becomes easier to determine the strategies which have the best ROI.

4.  Perform market research

Enterprises should examine the competitors closely to find out what strategies they’re applying. Market research delivers insights on best practices and digital demand generation trends that are performing well.  These practices can be replicated in ‘real time’ for scaling the digital marketing campaigns for increased reach.

Enterprises should make sure to incorporate something unique and demanding to stay ahead of the competition. This can be done by knowing the targeted market and communicating with customers effectively throughout the buyer journey.

5.  Implement AI for personalization

2020 was the year when AI experienced an enormous surge in demand. Many business owners opted for AI to analyze their customer’s behavior and search patterns effortlessly. Implementing AI in marketing strategies can do wonders for the business. The implementation will make it easy to automate time-consuming business processes such as email- marketing, content marketing, lead generation, etc.

It is predicted that by 2022, 75% to 90% of businesses will invest in implementing AI. The ability to deliver deeply personalized AI experience will be a necessary requisite for digital demand generation in 2021. Tools like propensity modeling and machine learning can power up demand generation and qualify leads. Tools like programmatic media bidding, smart content development, and AI generated content can address the struggles with personalization. Marketers can utilize AI to collect and analyze extremely high volumes of data for personalization.

6.  Evaluate new digital marketing channels and platforms

No matter how much effort is put into creating marketing strategies, it is wasted if ineffective or inappropriate digital marketing channels or platforms are used. Smart marketers should keep exploring new social media channels and platforms to get the right exposure to the market.  

7.  Audit Content

Content plays a vital role in expanding business reach. If the website has outdated content and broken links, it will roil client engagement and search engine ranking will slump down. As a part of a digital marketing campaign checklist for 2021, marketers should audit the entire website content and update it on regular basis for better reachability.

8.  Focus on marketing automation

Digital marketers should carry out multiple actions to lead a campaign towards successful fruition. Some can be routine; some need intense programmatic marketing. With improving computation prowess, the focus should be on automating the routine tasks in digital marketing that can nurture sales leads and fire up digital demand generation.

Successful implementation of marketing automation needs a B2B marketing database at the core which houses demographics, firmographics and buying behavior. Enterprises can use this B2B data to customize marketing messages across inbound and outbound channels. Lastly, the system needs and analytics module to help devise, monitor, and optimize marketing tactics rolled out by the marketing automation software. Some of the handy tools include customer.io (to send timely mails to a particular ICP), Hubspot for pipeline management on auto-pilot mode, and Pardot by Salesforce for advanced analytics.

9. Measure campaign results and take necessary actions

Lastly, marketers need to measure marketing results to gauge its efficacy. Even well-planned marketing strategies are worthless if it is not possible to determine whether it was beneficial or not. Online tools can assist marketers to measure marketing campaign results, identify diversions, and carry out course correction, so that the campaign remains on track to accomplish the stated objective.

Final Take

The above digital marketing camping checklist for 2021 will come in handy for all scales of businesses. Wrenching these points in the digital demand generation plan will allow marketers to build better marketing strategies for revenue enablement.

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