Validating the authenticity of store visits, ensuring in-store promoter compliance, planning journey cycles, planogram updates, mystery audits, establishing better and standard store/consumer experiences, confirming right stock management and in-depth view of store potential for mapping investments are some of the real-time challenges that retailers face. If you are aiming to increase brand visibility and collect insightful data of the entire retail ecosystem to empower your decisions that impact sales – opt for DenREX.

DenREX, Denave’s proprietary Retail, and Business Management Solution is a complete package enabling perfect store execution and deeper retail penetration across sectors. It leverages advanced technologies to provide  comprehensive compliance management mechanisms at many levels and facilitating issue resolutions at the same time, viz: productivity, quality and attendance of in-store promoters, precision in inventory management, real time planogram software tracking and updates, shelf space adherence, POSM deployment & billing consistency.

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Deep market research and insights comprising competition mapping & brand visibility for marketing management
In-store hygiene index with a view on comparative visibility, stock visibility enabling precise stock planning, data visualisation, effective investment output
Authenticated visits through date-time-location stamped photos, geo-tagging and mystery audits
Customized real-time data capture & planogram updates to enable sales optimisation
Faster issue resolutions through issue tracking mechanisms
Interactive feedback & in-store visual validation
'On-air’ & real-time dissemination of in-store changes for retail readiness at all the times
AI/ML driven solutions for reduced efforts and time of field-reps, and accurate data collection and retail audits
Offline support to continue working with no data loss, even in low/no network regions
Success Story
  • Beat planner and Attendance Tracker
  • Customizable Data Collection Forms
  • Surveys for Customer Satisfaction, Consumer Research & Partner Research
  • Issue/Compliance Management & Stock Management
  • Manual & Automated back-office Audits
  • Offline Functionality
  • Planogram Editing and Communication Platform
  • Performance Tracker & Mystery Audits
  • Integrated Advanced Analytics Capability

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