Work From Home - Adjusting to the new normal

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19th May, 2020

The worldwide lockdown has brought the ‘work from home’ on the universal platter, one that till now was relegated to only selected organisations or a selective set of employees across the globe. The concept had its share of critics and supporters in the past, but all that has been diluted in the wake of the Corona pandemic. What was once a perk has become the norm in the past few weeks with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many of us to work remotely in order to limit or stop non-essential contacts between co-workers, clients etc.

Working from home sometimes gets more tiring mentally when compared physically. While it may appear to be a simple and workable concept, the reality is quite different.

As businesses are adapting to this new model, it is crucial for employees to know the best tips to ensure ease of working and better productivity.

Set up a work station

If you want to be productive during your quarantine, you have to start taking your work seriously. You should have a separate set up that acts as your home office. Any space can be a good home office, like a garage, garden or a separate corner in the living room or the bedroom. But that space should be used only for work, that way when you go to that space you are already wearing your work shoes and you are prepared to begin your day.

Get dressed

While you might be super excited to work from home in your pajamas (without taking a bath), but you really shouldn’t, especially if you want to be productive. Being in your pajamas will make you comfy, which is not good if you are chasing the deadline and rushing to get your reports closed.

Have a ready schedule

Discuss your workload with your manager and have that written in front of you, to keep a check on your productivity. It is okay, to have some work left for the next day, however, try and finish the major chunk as per the schedule to keep your productivity up.

Limit the distractions

From your comfortable couch to a binge-watching session on Netflix or Amazon Prime, to playing with your pet, there are endless and countless distractions when you work from home. While flexibility means taking your dog for a walk or crashing on your couch during lunchtime and watch two to three episodes of your favourite series, one still has to stick to their schedule in order to keep their productivity up.

Family on board

It is very important to make your family agree to your day’s schedule. It might seem to be an easy job but getting everyone to agree is not that easy. This step is very important so that each and every member of your family is aware about your schedule to avoid or limit the flooding of requests, right from cooking breakfast to cleaning utensils to doing the laundry. Divide your household chores with your partner, so that your productivity is not hampered.

Work from home might look like an easy concept, but it is actually not that easy. One has to discipline themselves and their family members to ensure that the office work and most importantly your productivity is not hindered.

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