How companies are helping employees to cope up with the new normal?

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19th Jun, 2020

COVID 19 has impacted the world of work drastically and has put all the companies on the edge.  The economy has been shattered and millions of jobs are at risk, also, many businesses are on the verge of shutting down. Amongst this chaos, many organisations are also giving financial aids, organising training and learning programs and most importantly keeping a track of the mental wellbeing of their employees.

A company is a mirror of its people. During this period of crisis, many organisations across multiple sectors are giving bonuses, paid leaves, and the leadership team is stretching themselves by not drawing salaries for the coming months.

Employers stand by their employees

It is very important to keep your staff motivated during the lockdown phase. With all the negative news being reported regularly, it is important that the leadership team addresses their employees regularly and keep them motivated. A word of assurance or motivation can act as magic, more so now.

Create a platform where employees could reach out during the time of need. Many organisations are using their internal communication platforms in order to update and stay connected with the employees especially during the lockdown. Emergency helpline numbers, nearest COVID-19 testing hospitals list, grocery delivery helpline numbers etc are uploaded, so that employees can easily access them.

The crisis has taken a toll on all the corporates, however, many organisations are going the extra mile to make the situation normal for all their employees.

Mental well being

Almost every organisation has come up with a virtual employee engagement program to keep a check on their wellbeing and ensure their safety in this critical hour.

To keep a check on the mental wellbeing of the employees, Denave is continuously organising regular virtual engagement activities to help employees to cope up with the spiraling negative thoughts about this uncertain time. We have also introduced virtual fitness challenges, and other interesting games to keep the employees fit and stress-free.

Virtual townhall sessions have been organised with medical practitioners from A-listed hospitals to make the employees familiar with the dos and don’ts of coronavirus as health and wellbeing of each and every employee and their family member is of utmost importance.

Anonymous surveys or helpline numbers to provide employees with an outlet for their feelings during the lockdown and at the same time gaining insights for organisational purpose can serve as a torch in guiding the company policies. Leadership effectiveness, employee engagement, operational efficiencies and client management are some of the areas which the survey can deal with and provide companies with enough fodder for their business continuity plans and course of action in the new normal.

Learning hour

Upskilling and learning have become paramount during this time of crisis. Almost all the leading companies are opting for virtual leaning classes and trying to get maximum leverage during the period of lockdown. These courses will give employees enough time to upskill themselves and stay relevant for the future.

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