Defining business performance curve amidst Corona

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19th May, 2020

The market is in flux. The new world order is in view and so is the business landscape.

While we are still finding a way out of the Corona pandemic, the realities that these views beckon cannot be ignored. Business continuity planning and execution are in full swing across. What comes next? Given the goal remains the same – net new customer acquisition, deep market penetration and accelerating business growth, the job is easy, but not without some modifications. While technology and digital are playing its part in sustaining collaboration and customer outreach, but they are worthy only if you know ‘whom’ to reach out to! Yes, it is the new normal that we are going face tomorrow that has exponentially changed the face of today.

The new requirements

The power of a scalable and contactable database, especially cloud-based database systems are on the upswing. Not without its reasons. It owes its background to the diversification of data, data up-gradation and digital transformation of data from the business stand-point. That said, the use-case of your business is still the determinant of the type of database and database service that is required.

S&P Global Ratings in its recent report (March 23, 2020) forecast the economic impact of the virus outbreak to the tune of $400 billion loss for the Asia-Pacific. This couple with the fact that the countries in APAC are all at different levels of pandemic trajectory. While China is bouncing back, India is straining to flatten its growth curve and still, others are at all-time high fatality rate. This sure is a good shakedown to the market. No one knows how long the downtime is going to stay, but what is clearly visible is that this means that whitespace shall undergo major rejig and the market pie would undergo segmentation change.

Determinants stay same

Yes, while the market pie suddenly changed with the downtime, the prospecting doesn’t need to be put on downtime too! In fact, the downtime is important to collate all the resources and insights like past purchase history of the target and plan for an exquisite comeback post downtime. Hence, reaching to the right decision-maker for your use-case remains pertinent. A scalable, contactable, clean and targeted database helps you do that in the shortest possible time.

Considerations due

Data scientists spend 60% of the time organizing and cleansing data! There is a finite market pie and indefinite whitespace around. Either way a clean database is a mandatory requirement unless you want to invest a primary portion of your budget in cleaning the data and undergoing series of data acquisition process rather than leveraging the data for going live with the campaign!

Intelligent Database Management System is Denave’s proprietary Data as a Service platform that enable sales and marketing professionals to gain access to high volumes of contactable data for their inside sales, email marketing and demand generation campaigns in a heartbeat. The critical factor to understand here is that it accurately fills in the market gap of

accessibility of enriched & contactable data increasing the success rate of email marketing campaigns exponentially

accessibility of desired breadth & width of the database for targeted outreach

accessibility of standardized data in countries that do not have English as the main language

upfront visibility to the quality of the dataset

To arrest a downward spiral of lead volume and push conversion productivity, a clean database along with the whitespace is very critical. Denave, employs myriad technology combinations with no human intervention and a scalable process to ensure an accurate, authentic & reliable database across segments and geographies in the world for achieving the business plans of geo penetration, net new customer acquisition and more whitespace discovery.

Increasing the adoption rate

If you already invested and own a database but wondering if its redundancy is going to hit the business as soon as the market opens up, you are right. Redundant data always render a high bounce rate and result in an unclear picture of the market, not to mention wasted efforts. However, there is a possibility of cleaning, deduplicating and validating the redundant database and churn out a scalable and verified contactable database for increasing the adoption rate and delivering business efficiency. Denave’s proprietary quality measuring algorithms and validation tests remove junk values, standardize datasets while providing visibility to the quality of the dataset at once. Automation here plays a crucial role that provides deeper information on data stacks alike technology stack, financial information etc.

The new business performance curve

Post corona, market will be revitalized and there is a need to re-look at your business strategy now to meet that re-energised market complete way to the top. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) analysis claim that “In recessions and downturns, 14% of companies outperform both historically and competitively because they invest in new growth areas.” Only measurable results can lead to accelerated growth and to make your database result measurable – you need to act now.

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