COVID-19 Pandemic: Ways to keep your employees’ Morale up

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28th Apr, 2020

Open TV and you are swamped with Corona spread stats.

Access online news and it’s a repeat.

An overdose of scary news all around and couple this with ‘work from home’ scenario when one is juggling all household chores, tackling online classes of kids, fulfilling the incessant demands of family, and trying to stay efficient and productive in your professional role. A big charter surely!

And thus, the need for keeping up employee’s morale at this time.  According to a recent report, around 45% of adults are suffering from mental health issues due to worry about the workplace and stress of the virus.  In 2019 World Health Organisation estimated that depression, stress, and anxiety cost the global economy $ 1 trillion in lost productivity. Given the emotional toll of the pandemic, imagine the increase in the price this year.

Here are few tips to make your job interesting and at the same time help you to keep your teams morale up:

Follow the same old routine

One of the easiest and simple way to keep yourself motivated is to follow your normal work routine. At the same time, encourage your team members to do so. In case you were used to getting up at 6:30 am, then set up an alarm at 6:30 in the morning. Did you go to the gym after that? If yes, continue small work out sessions at home. Do not forget to take a bath regularly. Not kidding! The first thing to be discarded during work from home is a shower. And a good shower will immediately wake you up. Get dressed as if you are going for work and then begin with your day. Sticking to your normal routine will help you in staying motivated for the day.

Avoid working from one place

If you work from one place at home, it will take away your motivation. Try and move around. Set up the office in the garage, balcony, living area, or garden. Ask your team members to share daily images of their new and supercool workstations. Have a small contest around it. These tiny initiatives will make you and your team motivated and there will something to look forward to. Always remember one thing, never work in bed, you will be extremely tempted to do so, but just fight all your temptations.

Overuse the technology

Use technology like Teams, Zoom, Hangout, etc. to stay connected with your team. Encourage everyone to V-connect once or twice a week to catch up for some chit chat. Avoid work-related conversions during that period. Share jokes, recipes, any kind of difficulty with each other so that you do not feel left out or alone in any situation.

Homo sapiens are social creatures. Even the most introverted person needs time with other people. Self-isolation and social distancing are not an easy thing for anyone of us. But with regular communication with your office colleagues, small work out sessions to get fresh air and a strong mind to ignore your temptations will help you to stay motivated, and simultaneously you will be able to keep your team members motivated as well.

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