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30th Jun, 2017

Retail Redefined – What Lies Ahead

Retailers across the world are experimenting with virtual and augmented reality based sales strategies and that’s just not aimed at easing the customer pain points but for also creating a differentiated and world-class experience for them.

29th Jun, 2017

Building Artificial Intelligence in the Business Ecosystem

The fast-paced evolution in the technology space is re-shaping the business model holistically.

28th Jun, 2017

New-age technology driven HR practices

The influx of new technologies has dramatically reshaped the workplaces of today. This evolution has been a gradual process, however, has taken up an exponential pace lately – all in order to improve the overall employee experience.

17th Jun, 2017

SMBs should leverage tech to drive efficiency: Denave CEO

Reaching new customers and increasing sales are essential for the growth of any company.