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19th Jul, 2017

Leveraging IoT to enhance Retail Customer Experience

With the advent of digitization and technology, customer demands are going through a radical change.

10th Jul, 2017

Denave drives non-stop innovation through bi-monthly employee activity

Denave, a sales-enablement firm, challenged the status quo of its employees in 2015, when it started the ‘Innovation@work’ programme.

07th Jul, 2017

Expansion of Marketplace in the Digital Age

Digital – the word itself exudes the possibility of limitless outreach. The fierce pace of digitization and technology adoption has almost redefined the entire industrial scenario, transcending the physical barriers and lending it a virtual persona.

01st Jul, 2017

Sound values, self-belief and head strong identity is my core!

Self-belief and positive thinking can move mountains. Many a times, we get influenced by workplace politics and start doubting ourselves.